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It’s been a long 5.5 years.

Every day of break that goes by, with its fill of sleep, good food, relaxing, spending time with family and friends, and time spent on projects that I want to work on, is bittersweet. It feels like: THIS is how I want to live! But soon, very soon, it will be taken away from me… Thankfully though, this is my LAST SEMESTER!! Praise Jesus, because I don’t think I could take any more school.

For the record: I’ve loved getting my degree. Graphic Design is every bit as fun and rewarding as you think it is, my department is both a challenging and a warm place to be, a big University was exactly the right fit for me, and I’ve cherished the opportunity to meet so many interesting people, take classes on fascinating topics, and hone my skills in a variety of areas. This year, all my classes are really quite awesome! And fun too. But… none of that cancels out the fact that I am tired of living this exhausting life, and being held to a non-realistic weekly schedule.

Art Studentz

The thing with school is: it never ends. You* wake up in the morning, do the work you forgot to do the night before, rush to get ready and make it to class on time, do work in class, grab a bite to eat, go home and do way more homework than you have time to finish, and then fall asleep when you just can’t take it anymore. Then you wake up early, just to do it all over again. The weekend is a bit of a reprieve, but that just means that you might get to sleep more, and you don’t have to go to class.**

This is what design students start looking like at 4am in the screenprinting studio... feral.

I know that for some people, their professional life is like this too. But I personally am not planning on taking a job that demands such a sacrifice of my time; my career isn’t worth that to me. I care more about my health, my quality of life, my hobbies, my family, and spending time with them and my friends. It might not be a very American way of looking at life, but it’s the kind of life I want!

What I’m looking forward to after graduation is just that: living a real, and happy, life; with expectations that aren’t insane, and actually being paid for the work that I do. I don’t know what I’ll be doing (although travel and learning more are two areas I want to pursue), but I know that I won’t be getting graded on it.

Like I told a friend a few weeks ago: [As a homeschooler] I’ve lived a life without homework; and I am thrilled to go back to that.

*Well, I. Surely there are people out there who actually manage to schedule their time more effectively…
**I know a lot of this would be alleviated if I managed my time better… and I’m working on that. But mostly I am just very, very glad to be done with school (soon, so soon).