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New Year’s Resolution: Blog more about swing dancing.

(my favorite red heels)

That’s one of the reasons I started this blog, and I have gotten way behind (CRAZY behind!) on it. I really enjoy the swing dancing blog/tumblr/facebook community, and I’d love to be a contributor to this thing that I get a lot out of. And I do have THINGS TO SAY, I just haven’t been saying them.

So: this year I will blog more, and specifically blog more about lindy hop/swing/everything therein. I don’t think anyone’s actually reading this, tbh, and if you are, and you’re a design friend of mine, or a church friend of mine, or a reading friend, etc, all the dancing stuff might be a little foreign to you, but it’s cool. We’ll have fun together.

If I also manage to blog more about other aspects of my life: yay! I’ve just got one semester left of college, and then it’s on to big life decisions and exciting life happenings… so it’s a good time to get thoughts out, and record my various (hopefully interesting) thoughts.

First up: finish that blogging challenge I started eons ago, and then dropped like third period french.


first post!!11!!1!

So, I just recently remembered that I once had a blog, otherwise known as I once tried to start a blog that wasn’t LiveJournal. [For the record: my livejournal is also pretty dead, and I never remember to check it, and LiveJournal is basically quaint now. I don’t think I want to share with the world some of my teenage posts over there, anyway.] But that didn’t work out so well, as you can see from the fact that the last post on my Blogger blog was made well over 5 years ago. What can we glean from this? Well, a few things:

1. Hannah is way cool, and was into blogs a very long time ago (before they were even cool); waaaay back when she was 18, to be precise (woah. I am old).
2. Hannah must have started something BIG right around then (I did, and it’s called college), which prevented her from blogging.
3. Hannah is very bad about updating her blog.

All of these things are true (tee hee), and I can only hope that this current desire to actually blog, along with Kari and Adam’s encouragement, and the fact that I do actually have things I want to talk about sometimes, will help me ACTUALLY blog for the first time in my life. hmm. We’ll see…