The Last Semester, part 1

I am currently in my third week of my last semester of college, and it’s feeling pretty good*. So much to do! So much I still want to learn… but I think this semester will be one for the record books (in a good way).

On one hand, I feel sort of overwhelmed with everything we have to do to launch ourselves as Real Designers in the world; and there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, in terms of… politics, and feelings, and perceptions of how our class is doing, and what the professors think of us. But on the other hand, so far I’ve been able to get all of my work done without much trouble, and there are so many nice things about my various classes.

Anecdote: today in class we were showing our first (VERY BASIC, JUST STRUCTURE) html assignment, and I was enjoying all the easter eggs I snuck in (hint: click on the “A” image). My teacher was awesome enough, after seeing where the “Tardies” section of the syllabus led, to propose that from now on whenever people are tardy, they have to perform that song. It is a good class.

Lovely things I am enjoying about school:
– awesome new professors
– FRENCH and BRITISH students in my US Colonial history class
– finding out that, at least so far, I actually like web designing!
–  getting work done BEFORE it’s DUE! what?

And with every day that goes by, I’m one step closer to a graduation that’s gonna get here before I know it!! I am so excited about that. I will probably be saying that a few more times, fyi. Last week I opened up my DARS report (it’s the compiled form we can look at to see what classes we still need, etc) and EVERYTHING WAS BLUE. That means that every single one of my requirements will, by the end of this semester, be completed, and I can graduate. After 5.5 years, that feels really, really good.

I’m also in the last stages of planning our Spring Lindy Hop Workshop, and that feels good too. It’s gonna be a blast, I think!

Well, that’s all for now. Just wanted to document the fact that, at least at first, my very last senior semester was enjoyable.

*Part of my happy is probably some left-over happy lindy hop glow, from attending a tiny but awesome workshop over the weekend. Seeing lovely friends, dancing with fun leaders, and improving your dancing & swing-out FTW!!

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