Day 13: Favorite dancing memory

I think my favorite is just every time those little perfect things happen; those moments that we don’t get in normal, every day, modern life…

When half the guys around you are wearing vintage clothes; clothes that fit them and make them look great like men used to…When you’re dancing with someone, and they laugh out loud because of how wicked sweet that thing you just did was….When you hit that break SO EFFING PERFECTLY and you feel like a boss! Getting to wear pretty dresses, do your hair as beautifully as your Gramma knew how to, and go out dancing…When you’re standing around with other students after class, listening to the lead instructor explain something. You’re the only follower there, and when he wants to demonstrate something; without even thinking he reaches out to you. That little “here, dance with me” motion that leaders unconsciously do with their hand… it’s so endearing! Late night after-dance restaurants stuffed with dancers all happy and doped up on endorphins. How all dancers are huggy people. I love hugs! (And I’ve noticed that the best leaders are great huggers. Coincidence? I think not.) When that tall, handsome, well dressed guy over there comes over and asks you to dance with him. That’s pretty fun.

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