Day 12: Your swing crushes/favorite pros

I mean, do I even have to say it?

But that’s probably not what the spirit of this question is, so I’ll do a little more. This one is potentially embarrassing, so I’m gonna stick to the “favorite pros” part, and skip over the dance-crushes part (not that I don’t have them! They’re just not really fodder for a blog, imho…)

Favorite pros: Peter and NaomiSkye and Frida (which I ALWAYS type as “Friday”, lately!), Laura and Mike, Todd when he’s dancing with NaomiKelly Arsenault, Thomas and Alice! Mia Goldsmith doing Balboa, pretty much all of the Swedes, and of course Andrew and Karen! (Nobody who’s met them could help but love ’em.)

I have a lot of favorites.

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