Day 11: Favorite song(s) to dance to.

I don’t really have any. At different points of my early career, I did, but I’m not going to mention them here, because they’re all embarrassing*. Which really makes me feel that (1) I’ve come a long way, and (2) I just shouldn’t have favorites.

I will say that I really love when people play the old music! The beautiful jazz and swing that started this all; even the old scratchy recordings from DJ’d music have a link to the past that I enjoy.

But… well, ok so, due to my current obsession with Movits!, the fact of the matter is that if they ever get played I sort of freak-out happy dance to them. They only have a few songs that actually swing, but I’m shameless enough to not care: I’d love dancing to any of them!


*They may or may not have included this song, Frank Sinatra, and also some less horrible songs, like Big Mama Thornton’s Hound Dog. Yeah, very little actual swing music; wtf was wrong with me??

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