Day 10: Favorite workshop weekend (Lindy Focus, Camp Hollywood, etc) or one you’d really like to attend

I’m gonna treat this as a two-parter, because I can!

Favorite workshop weekend that you’ve attended?

Is it terrible if I say the workshop that I organized? It was pretty much awesome; for me at least. But that’s also the last workshop I attended, and I’m usually a “omg latest awesome is THE most awesome”…

So, very honorable mentions go to:
Camp Jitterbug, 2011. EPIC, and fun; I learned a ton, met some great people, enjoyed Seattle, and got to take classes from a lot of the instructors I’d admired from afar. And I had some really great dances (although maybe not as many as I expected… dang those were some crowded dance floors, and one follow-heavy weekend.) Watching the live competitions with pro dancers was also really fun! And a new experience for this Midwest dancer.

Me and my bro at Camp Jitterbug

Heartland Swing Festival, 2011. A great workshop weekend, and my friends and I had a BLAST, especially when our team shockingly won the team competition! We were so shocked, and SO happy. Met some great people there too, and had an all around fabulous time there in Des Moines.

The Nevermore Jazz Ball & St. Louis Swing Dance Festival, 2011. Christian and Jenny’s first year of their St Louis dance love weekend was a fantastic event, and we thoroughly enjoyed it! I had so many great dances, the music was amazing! I entered the Jack ‘n Jill just for fun and ended up getting SECOND PLACE WHAT how did I even make the finals?? So yeah, it was a blast, in a city I’m starting to fall for.

Ok, so now it’s time for:

Workshop that you want to attend?

Herräng. Of course! Sweden, thousands of Lindy Hoppers, a week of classes and social dances, SWEDEN…. I long! One of these years, it’s gonna happen.

Closer to home, I really really want to attend: Midwest Lindyfest in Minneapolis/St Paul, Lonestar Championships in Austin TX, and ULHS in New Orleans. And I’d happily go back to Camp Jitterbug if it were ever a possibility!

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