Quiet Weekend

Right now I’m snuggling on a couch on a fabulous porch, watching lindy hop videos*, and about to start watching tv. I might have a pizza later, and then go to bed early. Bliss!

I’m house and dog-sitting for a friend this weekend, and it’s turned out to be a lovely little mini vacation. I am so glad to have another week off of school… although for this last week of winter break, I’m gonna have to get into gear; I have homework that was assigned over break that I need to do, I want to work a bunch at my design job at a campus museum, and I need to get a lot done on our spring Lindy Hop workshop (that I’m planning) (which is coming up so soon!!).

But for now, I’m going to enjoy tonight and how I have no homework at all, and am in a lovely environment, with the whole internet before me!

Such as this one. I love these people!! Look at how awesome they are, man…

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