Day 7: Something you really want to learn

How to do lipstick correctly, how to do sexy (cat-eye) eyeliner, and how to do my hair in vintage-y ways!

She has nice lipstick and eyeliner... and that is the ONE vintage hairstyle that I can already do.

In terms of dance?
I want to learn how to look beautiful, all the time that I’m dancing. I have some weird body things (my legs are turned out from the knees down, so when my knees are straight forward my feet are out, which ends up looking kind of odd sometimes) plus I’m really tall, and let my legs get out from under me… and my hands do random things sometimes. Just in general, I’m kind of a civilian dancer who wants to look as graceful and awesome as the professionals, if that’s at all possible. Basically, I want to look cool all the time, instead of sometimes looking weird and awkward.

I also want to learn better solo jazz, and more tap!
I want to learn how to feel comfortable and like a good lindy hopper when I’m in my heels.
I want to be able to do at least one aerial.
I want to learn the Tranky Doo, and especially the Big Apple.
I want to be able to do my basic balboa like Mia Goldsmith showed us!
I want to have different kinds of swivels that I do, and I want to have more fun things to throw in my swingouts.
I want to follow better. I want to follow so well that I’m comfortable dancing with any of the best leaders, and follow so well and be such a fun dancer, that they have a good time too.

The end!

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