Day 6: Your favorite group dance (shim sham, tranky doo, big apple, etc).

I’m gonna be honest, I only know the Shim Sham. Shocking; I know, I know… I want to learn the Big Apple and the Tranky Doo and everything, so I don’t feel so leftout and n00bish whenever they happen, but I just haven’t had/taken the time to learn them. Soon, I will! It’ll be good for me, and good for my dancing, I know.

But I do love the Shim Sham! The glory of it is that everyone can learn it, even rank beginners, and it’s such a community-building line dance. And for a dancer who never met Frankie, never had a class with him, it helps me feel a little closer to the original dancers.

This past semster in my tap class, I got to learn the original (or the tap) Shim Sham, and I LOVE IT. It is SO fun, and so cute, and now the swing Shim Sham makes a lot more sense to me.

So I’m gonna have to go with the Shim Sham!

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