New Year’s Resolution: Blog more about swing dancing.

(my favorite red heels)

That’s one of the reasons I started this blog, and I have gotten way behind (CRAZY behind!) on it. I really enjoy the swing dancing blog/tumblr/facebook community, and I’d love to be a contributor to this thing that I get a lot out of. And I do have THINGS TO SAY, I just haven’t been saying them.

So: this year I will blog more, and specifically blog more about lindy hop/swing/everything therein. I don’t think anyone’s actually reading this, tbh, and if you are, and you’re a design friend of mine, or a church friend of mine, or a reading friend, etc, all the dancing stuff might be a little foreign to you, but it’s cool. We’ll have fun together.

If I also manage to blog more about other aspects of my life: yay! I’ve just got one semester left of college, and then it’s on to big life decisions and exciting life happenings… so it’s a good time to get thoughts out, and record my various (hopefully interesting) thoughts.

First up: finish that blogging challenge I started eons ago, and then dropped like third period french.

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