(And this is coming from a GoT/ASOIAF fan…)

The instinct that convinced someone to commit the image of Starks and direwolf puppies to film was a very good one.

The thing that bugs me about people who talk up George RR Martin to high heavens, is not that he’s bad (I enjoy A Song of Ice and Fire!), but that it’s often quite obvious that he’s the only epic fantasy author they’ve ever read. Yes, he’s good, but he’s not the only person to ever write AMAZING, beautiful, detailed fantasy worlds; with heroic and engrossing plots.

I want to say to them: “That’s not just GRRM! Welcome to fantasy.”

I hope that the popularity of Game of Thrones will create more room for fantasy as a genre to be taken seriously/let more people find the beautiful books that are out there for them, but I fear it will just serve to prove to people that SOME fantasy is NOT geeky, while the majority of it is.

/end of rant

The real question: is he *trying* to look like a hobbit?

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