On Music Videos, part 1

So this beautiful Swedish hiphop/swing band called Movits! just released a new video, and I think it’s such a sweet example of process. It’ll make more sense once you’ve watched the videos, so let’s just do that!

The first video I’m talking about was released back in February of this year, as the first single off their new album: (Notice Pontus Persson, and then I think Sakarias Larsson and Jessica Lennartsson? Awesome Swedish Lindy Hoppers, all of them…)

And here’s the second video, which they just released not even a month ago:

On their blog they call it “a little ‘behind the scenes’ video”, which is true, but I think also just a little humble! I love that they managed to shoot TWO fabulously cool, mind-bending* videos on the same set, at the same time. Terribly efficient.

Both videos are off the same album, “Ut ur min skalle”, or “Out of My Head”, which came out in April. I just finally downloaded the whole thing, and I am loving it!

*I spent the whole first half of “Na Na Nah!” thinking that the flannel guys were other people, and wondering if Sweden is just full of attractive hipster-like, well-dressed men. I eventually figured out it was them TWICE, but I’m still suspicious that Sweden is full of attractive men.

After having just enjoyed all of their tour vlogs, I have to say that that second video is remarkably true to life as a behind-the-scenes! Look how adorable (the bear dance is my fave):

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