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Film Love

Why do I love shooting film photography? Why is it so much better/more beautiful/more satisfying than digital?

Let me allow Punam Bean, amazing wedding and event photographer, to put it much better than I’ve ever been able to vocalize it:
“Life is easier on film…we film shooters have a dirty little secret. Shooting film is easier. I shoot, the lab does their magic, and all the work is done. No photoshop required. It’s more expensive, but my quality of life is improved. And then everything else in the world I have to do with my images becomes easier because I don’t have to edit anything. Rich hues, balanced contrast, soft palettes are the standard. Once the photograph is captured, my work is mostly done…in my heart of hearts I know that holding on to the digital side of things is only as important as you make it. We all survived in the world a very long time before our fingers started doing the talking.”

There’s just something about film that makes photos more beautiful than digital. It’s easier to make art, with film and film cameras!

A few of Punam’s film images:

More from her about film, from an earlier post:

“For portrait sessions, and details, I’m almost always reaching for the Contax [her go-to film camera as of then: Contax 645 and 80mm 2.0]. There is something about the way the quality of film conveys emotion. I love it’s lightness and it’s intensity. The 80mm is so lovely because the shallow depth of [field] is so buttery and saturated. I like to shoot film when the lighting is right, and I have total control. Even when I’m somewhere where I have to work to get inspired, looking through my Contax helps me see things more clearly. It feels like taking the paint to canvas. When I get the images back from the lab, they are finished. I almost never have to do anything else to them.”