Fantastic article about design school! Although I have to agree with the comments, too, about point #4. Often times, the best professors are the ones who’ve been teaching for years. Being a good designer and being a good teacher are two different skill sets, and being one doesn’t necessitate that you are the other.

But that article still SPEAKS TO MY LIFE, and addresses many of the problems I see with the students around me. Some try too hard to do exactly what the profesor says; to please them, and so they’re not happy with their work in the end (YOU’re the designer, after-all, and you won’t always have a professor, so best start learning how to think now). Others barely listen to teachers at all, and come into design school with what they think are solid styles or ways of thinking, and can’t stop being proud for long enough to learn anything. Both paths seem to me to be limiting ways of schooling yourself.

On this note, I am super pumped about the new faculty in the uiuc GD dept. We have three new professors, and they all bring amazing things to the curriculum. Two of them are both great designers (one worked for Pentagram!), plus have been teaching for a while, so they know how to teach (one is just about to finish his Doctorate in design! rare butterfly). The third is fresh out of school, knows web design and interactivity, and also gives great feedback. Booyah 🙂

[Here follows a rabbit-trail about Type I class]

I hope the upcoming students appreciate what they have!! Can you imagine having KT for type I?? I mean, Jimmy was really good for me; he got me thinking in new ways, and just CREATING, and after that stress case of a year any class seems easy… but still. I’d love to learn about kerning and grids before I start trying to design things with type…

Although, I suppose grids and kerning and how to use InDesign are all sort of, technical things, that are in some ways easily learned. Jimmy wanted to push us in the art of DESIGNING, of image-making and free thinking. That was a good place to start. I’m just glad that we’re getting all the rest of the stuff that designers are supposed to know, now. 🙂

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