Oh Tenspeed Hero, you are speaking right to my very soul! Or at least, my circumstances.

This week, as I’ve been getting into the swing of school, I’ve finally gotten my new-to-me bike up and running, and have been experiencing the freedom and responsibility of having two wheels on campus. I’m new to riding a bike in an urban setting, and I don’t know all the rules… and I felt silly wearing my helmet. “Do people actually wear this?” I thought. “Am I the only loser wearing a helmet?”

bike paths on campus. photo found on flickr from user benchilada. thanks man!

When I was a kid and we were careening all over the neighborhood on our bikes, no one wore a helmet. We didn’t need to, we didn’t care, and the worst anyone ever got was scraped up knees (we got a lot of those.) But when there are cars involved, and rough ground, and pedestrians darting all around and walking on your bike-path (grumblegrumble); well, a helmet just makes more sense.

So I wear it, and hazard looking lame, because if I crash, I will be the one laughing then! (Well, I won’t be laughing; I might be crying, from the pain. But I will be glad that I was wearing the helmet, instead of looking cool*.)

Somehow though, the other day this knowledge just wasn’t enough to get over how lame I felt. So I told myself: “Andy wears a helmet.”** And then it wasn’t so bad.

*My helmet is pink though, and I wonder if it’s really the safest option….

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