Summer 2011

Well look at that! Summer sped up quickly for me, and then BOOM, no time spent on blogging. But I am even more interested in writing after the summer I just had, and will hopefully get more into it over this year.

Things that have happened since my last post, that I will hopefully write about in the coming weeks:

1. Going to Camp Jitterbug. (Sneak peak: it was AWESOME. Plus some other stuff.)
2. Getting an internship and then having an internship, with one of my professors, in Chicago.
3. Spending half my time in Chicago for the summer. (Sneak peak: loved it!)
4. I learned a lot about Pro Cycling, and watched the TdF. I even got to write about it a little.
5. Got majorly re-energized for this coming year of design training + my last year of college. I’m actually excited to go back to school next week!

I will leave you with this lovely video of the Lindy Hop, which Wandering and Pondering featured briefly this morning. It’s not the biggest/flashiest video in the world, but somehow it just grabbed me. I think I love it because: 1. It’s sexy (pretty camera they must have used!) and simple and pretty, 2. Even though it’s simple it somehow shows the fun and movement of the dance (their pulse fairly jumps out at you… maybe partly because the music is so simple?), and 3. I could follow everything in that video (ok, not as well as her and idt I’d look as lovely as her… man I wish my swivels looked that slick, and I love how easily she counters with her weight…). But I could follow it. And that makes me feel like I actually have been doing something in the last three years of swing! Oh also 4: RUSSIAN! Ah, русский… how I wish I spoke and read you.

Anyway just watch it:

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