Day 6: A Picture of Something That Makes You Happy

Swing dancing! (Photo by David Holmes.)

Since I started the Lindy Hop challenge, it’s a little obvious that this is something that I enjoy. It’s my main hobby now, and it definitely makes me happy!

Me, happy, dancing! (Avec Christian.)

I really like pictures, so you’re getting two things that make me happy today.

My nephews.

I love being an Aunt. It’s rewarding and fun and lovely and exciting, and also sometimes involves things like poopy diapers and screaming babies, but it’s wonderful and so worth it. I imagine it’s about 1/10th of what it is to be a parent; both in awesomeness and work/tiredness.

Getting to snuggle with the babies, or play with William is just incredibly rejuvenating, and always valuable. I love being an Aunt!

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