Day 2: Your favorite place to dance.

This is a surprisingly hard question to answer! But I think I’m gonna have to go with something of a dichotomy:

1 – in other cities/at workshops and exchanges.
2 – my little home scene’s weekly dances.

So much goes into what makes a place a good place to dance, but I think the biggest thing is the people. What I love about going to other scenes or big events is getting to dance with new people, and all kinds of amazing dancers I usually don’t have access to. Dances with new people can be SO much fun; when you find that person you click with, and who inspires you to dance in ways you normally don’t get to.

But on the other hand, what I love about our little home scene is that I get to dance with my friends; with people who I’ve already danced with a million times. They know me and my style and I know them, and we so comfy with each other that it can go places that dances with new people never could.

Hmm. It occurs to me that I’ve answered this question differently than it was meant. If we’re talking about a room, eg, where in the world is my favorite PLACE to dance… then I’ll have to say Century Ballroom in Seattle. A beautiful room (that’s usually not too hot); so many great dancers to watch and dance with; and lots of friendly people. Plus it’s in beautiful Seattle!

best image from google. it's more red sometimes.

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