Camp Jitterbug 2011

My brother* and I are going to Camp Jitterbug this year, and I’m getting wicked excited. I never would have thought that I’d be able to go to it anytime soon, but here we are, going! This year.

Things I’m looking forward to:
– the Jump Session! Lots of beautiful swing dancers, doing their thing; performing. (I hope there’s lots of Balboa.)

– seeing all of my Seattle friends! and making new ones.
– seeing swing friends from all over the country, who are gonna be there too.
– dancing with leads I don’t get to very often.
– dancing with Peter “the dreamboat” Flahiff, who I did not get to dance with last time I was out there.
– wearing my new cute dance dress.
– all of the amazing instruction! I’m looking forward to having Skye and Frida for my first time ever, plus just so many great instructors, and TAP lessons on Monday…!
– beautiful venues.
– being in Seattle! which means eating delicious food. I’m looking most forward to Tutta Bella, good Pho, and the doughtnuts from Pike Place. mmm…

Things I think I might like less than at regional events:
– waaay more people. I can’t imagine it’ll be easy to get to the good dancers/teachers to dance with them… but we’ll see!
– way more people. I might feel a bit lost! Then again, I love meeting new people, and there will be tons of new people…
– huge classes.

– dance with Pontus Persson. He’s just so tall, and Swedish…!
– dance with lots of leads who are good and intimidate me.
– challenge myself in classes, and bring the things I’m learning to the dancefloor.
– more facebook friends!!! heh
– have fun.
– take some nice photos (even with limited camera options).
– record video, so I can make a cool video after the weekend.

*I’m so glad that I got him into swing dancing. And that he likes it as much as I do. Winning!

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