The Lindy Hop 30 Day Challenge

Change of plans! I’m adding on another 30-day challenge that I want to do. I was gonna wait until I was done with the original, basic-life one, but I’m too impatient. This Lindy Hop one looks really fun, and I’ve already started writing out the posts, and I JUST CAN’T WAIT anymore!

(To follow along with just one of the challenges, you can click on the appropriate category to the right of this blog’s navigation and see an archive of them all. (I don’t know why it doesn’t work to click on the category to the left of each post, but it doesn’t… I’ll work on that.)

So, starting tomorrow I’m going to be posting either one of the regular 30-day ones, or a 30-day Lindy Hop one (still just one a day. Unless I start feeling super inspired and posting one of each a day… it could happen). To anyone who is not in the swing dancing/lindy hopping community, this might not make as much sense to you as the other ones. But to those in this group, this is a pretty darn awesome blogging inspiration list!

You may be asking: “What is Lindy Hop?” If so, to the Wikipedia, my friend. Wait, scratch that, just watch this:

Swing out battle at the end FTW!!

And so, onto …


Day 1: What got you started in Lindy Hop?
Day 2: Your favorite place to dance.
Day 3: A description of your favorite partner (and why they’re your favorite).
Day 4: Your favorite live band.
Day 5: Your favorite non-Lindy Hop swing dance (charleston, balboa, shag).
Day 6: Your favorite group dance (shim sham, tranky doo, big apple, etc).
Day 7: Something you really want to learn.
Day 8: Your favorite instructor.
Day 9: Favorite class taken.
Day 10: Favorite workshop weekend (Lindy Focus, Camp Hollywood, etc) or one you’d really like to attend.
Day 11: Favorite song(s) to dance to.
Day 12: Your swing crushes/favorite pros
Day 13: Favorite dancing memory
Day 14: Your swing group of friends
Day 15: Favorite classic clip
Day 16: Photo of you dancing
Day 17: Styling
Day 18: That move you love
Day 19: That move that eludes you
Day 20: Your swing shoes
Day 21: Favorite outfit to wear dancing
Day 22: Favorite city to dance in
Day 23: A dancer you admire
Day 24: Favorite pro performance
Day 25: Describe the last night you went dancing
Day 26: The level you think you dance at
Day 27: Your dance goals for the year
Day 28: Events you’re looking forward to
Day 29: A clip you love
Day 30: Why you dance

Expect Day 1 coming at ‘chu soon.

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