Day 4: Your Parents

My parents, circa 1984, three years before I would enter their life.

Me and my parents, a few years ago! I think I look like both of them.

My parents are awesome. I know people could easily say this and not mean it, or be wrong, but: they’re the best parents I know or really can imagine. They have a beautiful relationship (I’ve never heard them fight, and it’s not because they don’t fight around us kids, it’s because they don’t fight. This is how they taught us to communicate (with kindness), and I’m so grateful for that), and they were intentional about giving their kids many tools to success in life. They’re also silly, and adorable, and we have a great time together.

My Mom is beautiful (and preternaturally young looking), kind, and silly. She’s a gracious hostess, a strong woman of character and of God, and does a wonderful job of taking care of everyone around her. She also introduced me to Janis Joplin and the Beatles, and she had a wicked cool wardrobe back in the ’70s. I will always be thankful for the lessons she’s taught me, and the silliness we get into together! I hope to be as cool as her, one day.

I’m a lot like my Dad, or at least I hope I am. He’s always been so loving, and supportive, and wise and fun. I have never doubted that my Papa loved me no matter what I did, and that he thinks I’m just awesome.  He got me into Lord of the Rings, and always encouraged me to build my talents.

It’s pretty cool that I’m a part of them both!

I feel incredibly blessed and grateful that I have parents who are my friends, advocates, and advisors. Also, parents who I am happy to introduce to my friends, because they’re just warm and friendly and lovely (and won’t embarrass me; quite the opposite in fact).

This is my family! All the kids and two great parents.

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