Day 3: Your First Love

It has been exactly one month since the last time I updated; also since the last time I had TIME to update. School has come and gone, as have many family, swing dancing, and other obligations and AWESOME times. I will write up some of those times soon, I hope, in an effort to remember them and actually blog for once. But now that I have time, I’m picking up my “30” Day Challenge again! So here is Day “3”. After this, I will be doing one a day and intend to hold myself accountable to that. I will also post about other things that interest me; I already have some posts in mind and started.

Yayyyy summer time!!

Day 3: Your First Love

My first love! Well. If we’re being serious, I haven’t had a “first love” yet, not the real kind. But since that’s a short and somewhat boring post, I’ll provide some first loves here that apply in slightly different ways than the question might actually be about…

First love 1: CHEESE


I love cheese. If you know me, you’ve probably heard me expound upon the subject. It is the food that I enjoy more than almost any other, it makes most dishes so much better, and I found out when I fasted it for Lent a few years ago that it comprises or is a part of probably about 70% of my diet.

I also feel comfortable calling it my “first love” because my mother has said that when I first started eating solid foods as a wee little girlie, cheese was the only thing I wanted to eat.

mmm. cheese.

During my pre-puberty pudge time, I recall my doctor asking me what my favorite things to eat were, to which I responded: “Cheese.” He mentioned that I could probably just eat a little less cheese, and it would be a positive thing for my health. I took his comments into consideration, probably did nothing about it; and then grew about a foot in a year or so, which helped my pudgy problem a lot. Thanks, genetics!

I will leave this section, and you, with this terrifying image of something called a “cheese bra” that the internet gave me (you have been warned). Oh internet, you so crazy.

First love 2: Kevin Max, ne Smith

Kevin, Toby, and Michael. awww yeah.

Some people grew up with the Beatles; I grew up with DC Talk. They were ’90s, they were Christian, and they were awesome. They were the first band I was aware of and cared anything about, I saw them several times in concert, and we got to actually MEET them when they came to the Virginia Theatre in Champaign!! Totally made my decade.

Meeting Michael Tate!! The night we got to meet all of them. (I'm the smallest person.) Toby was a sweetheart. (Sorry this is so tiny, I accidentally scanned it at tiny resolution, oops.)

Anyway. Kevin Smith was, in my humble and very young opinion, the cutest one. I decided that I should have a crush on him*. So I did! I used to imagine we’d get married, and I’d travel with them on tour, but for some reason that never panned out. Might have something to do with the fact that he’s quite a bit older than me, and I was about 8 at the time.

It must have been the feathered hair.

I still think he has an awesome voice!

Apparently this is what he looks like now.

First love 3: Luke Skywalker

In terms of characters I liked, ol’ Luke here was the first one I thought was adorable.

I've since developed the "Paul McCartney" theory, which involves young girls liking the boy who is most friend like, and least threatening. As a little girl, I never got why older girls like Han, he was just annoying and brutish.

Not even really a crush, and certainly not true love, but I liked him best out of Star Wars when I first saw it as a little one, and he led the way for many future character “likes”. Something I hope I’ve moved beyond, since longing after characters is just as annoying as longing for actors or whoever you’re never even going to meet.

First love: First Love?

Getting back to the “real life” or “real love” category; since I’ve been all grown up there really haven’t been many boys who I liked for real (I have high standards, whatcanIsay); there especially haven’t been many who I liked and who have liked me too (the long-desired ideal, right?). That’s probably most of why I’m still quite single… but, hey; here’s to the future!

*Most of my crushes, I have to say, were just as much because I thought that was what you did as a girl, as because I actually felt feelings. I think TV, and me letting it influence me, is the biggest blame for this, as I was more apt to think the other little girls around me were talking nonsense than follow along with their life plans.

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