Day 2: Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

Confession: There is none. I just needed a title, so I wrote in the first words I thought of, and that’s what came out! I also thought it was a little funny.

In order to make this post BETTER and MORE EXCITING, I am going to retroactively give it some meaning, so I can tie in a video. (Self-reflective note: assigning something meaning after the fact is something I have done a lot of in my career as an art student.)

My blog is called: “Hello, I am speaking” This is a slightly ironic allusion to the fact that this blog is my personal log, my public diary. It’s stating that I’m speaking, and I want you to listen to me. In essence, it’s saying…. I HAVE A VOICE.

The King’s Speech is my favorite movie that I’ve seen in a long time. I love it. I could watch it many and many times…

That trailer is great, but I actually prefer this one, for getting the real feel of the film:


  1. Haha, love this post. And yes, I LOVE The King’s Speech. I came across your blog from your twitter site and thought I’d say HI! You’re in my RSS feed now, so watch out.

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